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Humanities and other courses

1.      Language elective (18 credits)

You are required to do any language course at UCT that will give you exposure to a language other than English that you do not already speak at this level.
Most students will select from the intensive courses that are offered at first level, but students may alternatively select to study at the second level course a language they have previously studied at school.

2.      Humanities selection (18 credits)

This selection involves courses that will broaden your capacity to cope with complex social questions that your professional practice will deliver.  These courses will also require you to read academic texts and produce extended written responses, usually in the form of essays.  These are outcomes that are also valued by the engineering programme and will build skills that you will take forward in the core courses.  You may select any course for which you meet the admission criteria with the following UCT course codes:

  •  AXL Anthropology, Gender Studies, African Studies (please note the AXL Linguistics courses are not included here)
  • HST History
  • PHI  Philosophy
  • POL Politics
  • SOC Sociology

In addition the following courses have been approved to be included in this group:

END1019L (Social Infrastructures), offered during the winter and summer term

FAM1001 (any suffix) (Film and Media studies)

AGE1002S (Archeology)

If you would like to do a course not mentioned here that you think fills the objectives of this elective category, you may apply via a concession form for it to be considered for accreditation.

Please note that ECO (Economy) courses and SLL1002 (Wordpower) do NOT count as a Humanities elective. If you wish to do these courses they can only count as a free elective.

3.      Free elective (16 credits)

You may do any course at UCT for which you meet the prerequisites, and where you haven’t already covered that content in another course.

Note: that due to the introduction of Statistics in first year you cannot take an equivalent Statistics course (e.g. STA1000) as a free elective.


Updated 2016-01-28