Jack Fletcher

Jack Fletcher

BSc (ChemEng), PhD Cape Town

Professor: student advisor, 2nd Year students
Department of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

Email: Jack Fletcher


Research interests

Focussed on heterogeneous catalysis, specifically in the following areas:

Shape Selectivity in Zeolites and Molecular Sieves - relates to the understanding of shape selectivity in these materials as well as its application to industrially important chemical transformations. It includes the synthesis of 'exotic' zeolites of defined physical and chemical properties.

Phenols and Derivatives - including the application of zeolites to specific transformations with a view to enhanced chemical efficiency and environmental performance. Fischer-Tropsch Wax Hydrocracking - for improved performance in distillate fuels production, specifically in a low (zero) sulphur environment.

Catalysis by Gold - concerns the preparation of active supported-gold catalysts with particular emphasis on the water-gas shift conversion.

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