Alison Emslie Lewis

Alison Emslie Lewis

BSc (ChemEng), MSc (Eng), PhD Cape Town

Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment
Department of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

Email: Alison Emslie Lewis

What is our aim?

Research and development that leads to cleaner products made by cleaner processes. Precipitation processes are currently very empirically based. We would like to improve the scientific understanding of these processes for scale-up, optimisation and control.

What do we do?

We are involved in precipitation and crystallisation research, mainly connected to the mineral processing industry. Specific projects involve platinum, rhodium, nickel, copper, cobalt, iron, magnesium and calcium.

What sort of projects?

Our projects are a combination of: Environmental process development - treatment of acid mine drainage and industrial wastewater streams Quality control - improving the properties of crystals produced in industrial processes Modelling and simulation support all areas.


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