Undergraduate studies

BSc degree in Chemical Engineering

Our undergraduate programme promotes student learning and development, with staff providing a caring and supportive environment.

The four-year undergraduate degree prepares graduates for careers in the chemical, metallurgical, and process industries, and is fully accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa.

The programme focuses on developing technical expertise, problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills. Practical, hands-on learning is a thread that runs through all four years of the undergraduate programme.

Under the guidance of an academic, students work on practical assignments where questions are open ended and probing, requiring the need for observation and reasoning to develop a working understanding of the underlying phenomena.

Our open-door policy combines with personalised academic counselling, the ASPECT programme for educationally disadvantaged students and an ongoing process of curriculum review. In line with the Department’s philosophy of engagement, 60 experienced postgraduate students assist as tutors in the undergraduate programme.