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New Curriculum

Science Courses

The following courses are core requirements:


MAM1020F/S                                     Engineering Mathematics A

MAM1021F/S                                     Engineering Mathematics B

CEM1000W                                        Chemistry 1

PHY1012F                                          Engineering Physics A

STA1008S                                          Statistics for Engineers

MAM2083F/S                                     Vector Calculus for Engineers A

MAM2084F/S                                     Linear Algebra and DEs for Engineers

Students also need to elect one of these sets of science courses:

Chemical Sciences

CEM2005W                                      Chemistry 2

Biological Sciences

BIO1000F                                        Cell Biology
CHE2006S                                      Biological Sciences for Engineers


Mineralogical Sciences

GEO1009F                                    Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences
GEO2006S                                    Mineralogy for Chemical Engineers

Students may apply for other combinations of Science courses to be accredited in this category, so long as they total 42 credits with a minimum of 24 credits at the 2nd year level.

Note that the courses CHE2006S and GEO2006S will be launched for the first time in 2016, allowing them to be taken in the 3rd year of the programme for the first cohort of students in the new curriculum.