The Department of Chemical Engineering at UCT is pleased to be launching its Visiting Engineers Programme (VEP), designed to formalise and expand the processes whereby we bring people with industry experience in contact with our undergraduates.  This aims towards a set of interrelated objectives:

  • To bring in expertise and knowledge beyond that which is held by the regular teaching team
  • To offer role models for students and information about career possibilities
  • To build our links with the broader UCT Chem Eng ‘family’, including but not limited to our alumni

We are inviting applications for appointment to the VEP in 2017.  Interested persons are invited to send a CV and a short expression of interest.  The main contribution by a designated Visiting Engineer will happen during one day at UCT (timed to coincide with the undergraduate curriculum) and this person will give one or more talks to selected years of the undergraduate body, focused to link up with the curriculum at that point.  There is no remuneration or compensation for travel and accommodation. The selected persons will be given the designation “Visiting Engineer” for the relevant year.

Queries and applications: Mrs Sarojini Pillay, Departmental Manager, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cape Town,